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Nikon ELWD 0.3 Condenser for Diaphot Microscope

eBay item number:   154904173117
Item specifics
Condition:   Used
Seller Notes:   You are bidding on a used NIKON ELWD 0.3 Assembly for Diaphot Microscope.
Please email me if you have any questions.
Please take a look at the pics of the actual item(s) you will be receiving.
If it is not pictured that it is not included.
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Brand: Nikon     MPN: ELWD 0.3


- used
- pulled from a working environment
- ready to be put to great use
- has scratches - see pics
- overall good cosmetic condition
- no scratches on glass

What you will receive:

- NIKON ELWD 0.3 Assembly for Diaphot Microscope

iris diaphragm

Thread between ELWD condenser lens and dovetail ring has about 46mm (1.8") o.d..
A 37mm iris diaphragm separating them by less than 18mm should fit and still allow field aperture focus.

Useful field

Using a 0.1mm/div calibration slide face down on the stage
(so focused with M Plan 5x thru slide glass),
the field aperture was shut down just enough to focus blades near field periphery viewed with CFWN 10x/20M ocular,
with that diameter measuring about 3.6mm,
corresponding to about 750 pixels in this first macro image before downscaling:

.. which is with face-down calibration slide replaced by face-down ground glass.

Fully opening the field aperture more than fills my approx 24mm improvised stage plate diascopic port:

.. amounting to about 4650 pixels before downsampling.

Attempting uniformity estimate this far off-axis was senseless.

field uniformity

After "eyeballing" thru the photo port for filament alignment and focus,
a Tamron 180mm f/3.5 macro lens was lined up and focused on a calibration slide
thru Optiphot's arm hole with head and objective turret removed:

Turning lamp voltage way down reduced lens flare
so that calibration slide markings are distinguished. This is a 1:1 crop:

.. and with gamma and contrast tweaked to accentuate nonuniformity:

Untweaked image background luminance varies from about 160/255 to 180/255 over the center 70mm diameter:

Phase Contrast

Phase contrast turret inserts between the illumination field lens and ELWD condenser:

To locate the turret beneath Optiphot condenser carrier, a 52-48mm step-down is screwed in place of field lens ring,
with a 52-42mm helicoid:

.. and a 48-42mm step-down and 48mm extension tube to which turret clamps.