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Anker PowerCore Fusion 10000

PowerCore Fusion 10000
20W USB-C 10,000mAh AC charger and portable power bank

This will be used:

  • to power macro lens LED light portably
  • to power cameras attached to microscopes

That push button on the side has 8 tinly LEDs to show status;
they are visible only when viewed nearly squarely,
so NOT looking down at an angle when it is plugged in an outlet low on walls.

To work with a (Canon M6 II) dummy battery:

  • first insert dummy battery into the camera,
  • connect the dummy battery to this Anker power bank,
  • turn on the camera,
  • THEN plug Anker into AC.
  • Otherwise (turning on camera after pluggin Anker into AC),
    Anker defaults to recharge mode and does NOT supply power to the camera.

Press the button twice to set trickle charge mode - green dot lights.
Press twice again to disable trickle charge mode.

USB-C port is output only; charging is only by AC.
AC charging rate is 16 Watts.
A device can be charging at up to 4 Watts while the bank is plugged in,
while still charging the bank at 16watts.
A device pulling more than 4 Watts disables bank recharging.
USB A port device is prioritized over USB-C;
Cmbined power exceeding 20 Watts disables the USB C.
USB-C port alone max is 9V 2A; limit with both ports is 5V.