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Nikon Optiphot-66 with DIC, UW head and LWD condenser

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    C182578 Nikon Trinocular Microscope, Vertical Illuminator, Condenser, Objectives

    eBay item number:  334506777396
    Condition:  For parts or not working
    Manufacturer:  Nikon

    "Missing the stage and eyepieces;  Z-Axis Focus is not engaged with adjustment dials."

    This Nikon Trinocular Microscope features a Vertical Illuminator Assembly, an LWD0.65 Condenser,
    four Objectives (MPlan 5 DIC 0.1 210/0, BD Plan 10/0.25 210/0, BD Plan 20 DIC 0.4 210/0,
    and BD Plan 40 DIC 0.65 210/0), as shown.  It provides both "Dia" and "Epi" illumination.

    It does NOT includes a Stage or Eyepieces, as shown.  I examined some objects under each of the objectives,
    and I was able to focus on images by moving the stage platform by hand, and holding it in place
    (it moves smoothly by hand, but if you let go of it, it starts sinking down),
    but the Z-Axis Focusing Assembly is not engaged to the adjustment knobs on each side of the microscope.

    However, this is the extent of my testing of this microscope, and it is being sold as-is.

    Approximate overall unpacked dimensions:  18"L x 12"W x 23"H.

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    Ordered 20 July 2022

    The same vendor (outback6) from whom I got a Type F trinocular head;
    EPI DIC objectives include prisms, but polarizing filters are missing...
    30mm WF 10X / 23 eyepieces are ordered for the UW head

    received 28 July 2022

    Unexpectedly included Leica 10x/21B Widefield Adjustable Eyepieces 10445111
    - probably the same as Wild 445111
    UW head eye tubes are 36mm o.d.;  about 3mm larger than 30mm clamp compression groove...
    Leica eyepiece is about 42mm o.d., well over 30mm clamp capacity.
    See SVBONY SV158 hack for afocal 30mm i.d. eye tube clamp.

    Since it lacks (expensive and rare) stage, and fine focus is broken,
    this item was cannibolized, with DIC head and base combined with the original Optiphot-66 arm.