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Macro Links

Allan Walls, Andy Murray and Rik Littlefield
Most that I have read by or about Andy Murray is at his website
under ABOUT and BLOG, but Andy is also on flickr
Sadly, he shares names with a seemingly more popular athlete;
Google searches work better with: Andy Murray springtails

I have lately been watching (too much) Allan Walls video;  his blog

Rik Littlefield is also interesting

getting started

First few days of micro -
My Journey into Extreme Macro. The Big Hobby of the Tiny | by Ferdy Christant | Ferdy Christant
Mark Goodman's website has useful articles and lens tests.
The Giant World of Tiny Things - YouTube
Very beginner question re. diffraction vs sensor resolution -
Book: Digital Photography for Science, by Enrico Savazzi
Focus stacking - Wikipedia
Digital Photography 202: Close Up, Macro & Micro
Digital Photography 201 Stacking Images
Mineral photography: general notes on macro

Focus bracketing
How To
StackShot and WeMacro rails and Trinamic Stepper Motor - Helicon Soft
WeMacro rail and accessories - Wemacro Rail
WeMacro links:
Brief - Wemacro Rail
WeMacro Rail Review for Focus Stacking
New Focus Stacking Microscope and Vertical Stand Accessories - The Extremist
Adapting Wemacro Vertical Stand for Horizontal use   more on dpreview
WeMacro Micromate focus knob coupler redesign

facebook WeMacro users
MacroDSLR & WeMacro - CloudMakers
Can T. videos - YouTube
SonyAlpha blog - YouTube   full review
WeMacro focus stacking rail - YouTube
Extreme macro: DIY focus stacking build, WeMacro MicroMate stepping motor, illumination, operation | YouTube hobbies withsteve
Wemacro Rail: Setup and software overview. - YouTube The Salty Cod Tumbler Co and Microscopy
Fast Stacker | Pulsar124 Wikia | Fandom
Arduino based automated focus stacking rail: Macro and Still Life Photography Forum: Digital Photography Review
Driving a Focus Stacking Rail Using an Arduino - Arduino Project Hub
Canon Camera Connect App Focus Stacking: Digital Photography Review
NISI NM 180 Macro Photography Focusing Rail Slider Video Record Track Portable Desktop Shoot Slide Rail with 1/4 Screw for DSLR|Tripod Heads| - AliExpress
Canon 200mm Prime as a Rail. -

focus stacking software

Zerene vs dcraw, Hugin, and ImageMagick
nearest pixel alignment
Retouching - an effective focus stacking workflow - YouTube
Zerene: sort by scale -
Extended Depth Of Field Using Panorama Tools
Stacking Software - DPREVIEW
Micro-manager Open Source Software for Control and Automation of Microscope Hardware
MacroDSLR tethering and remote capture application

macro lenses

The Macrolens Collection Database
The $399 Laowa 25mm Macro Lens vs the $1,050 Canon MP-E 65mm | PetaPixel
Laowa 25mm 2.5-5x test at 4x
Laowa 25mm 2.5-5x Close-up Photography
Macro Comparison 2022 ||| Extension Tubes vs Reverse Mount vsMacro Lens vs Raynox - YouTube
microscope MTF
two lens focal points for subject-to-sensor distance
step size of lens focusing motor -
Investigations Regarding Depth of Field (DOF)
Microscope Standards | Digital Photography 206 Micro Photography
FAQ: Screw Threads we use -