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focus stacking

Some images, including highly magnified, want more depth of focus.
Other than by retaking with smaller aperture
(which is liable to increasing noise, motion blur and/or diffraction),
combining sharper parts of multiple images of a scene
captured at overlapping focal distance increments
is called focus stacking and involves two parts:

  • capturing those images (AKA focus bracketing)
  • combining them

Some cameras support focus bracketing
using so-called autofocus lenses which include mechanisms
by which cameras can change their focus.

An alternative for focus bracketing is by mechanically incrementing
distance from camera and lens to scene object[s].
Macro rails do this, as can microscope stage focus knobs.
WeMacro offers automation for both a focus dial:
MicroMate bracket
... and rack:
WeMacro rail

Focus stacking software

Two well-regarded commercial image stacking software offerings are
Helicon and Zerene,
where Helicon favors those wanting a completely automated approach,
with Zerene supporting more tweaking and touching up stacked images.

2014 comparison of CombineZP, Auto-Montage, Heli-con Focus and Zerene Stacker

Free solutions includes Canon's DPP 4, which works only for their lenses and cameras with focus bracketing support,
CombineZP, which does not support 16-bit images,
Picolay, ImageJ, TuFuse,
Chasys Draw IES supports CR2/3 and Focus Stacking,
which seemingly does not involve alignment, which is used when stacking for image averaging.

5 Open Source Focus Stacking Software(+ 2 Paid Options)


Works internally on bitmaps; loads but cannot save TIFFs.

ON1 Photo RAW 2022 - free trial

focus stacking is on the right corner of the photo editing toolbar.
Good stacking parameter documentation
Moving GIFs with perspective shift(?!)


DPP4 Depth Compositing tool (Focus Stacking) Comments / Observations

Focus Stacking with Hugin and Enfuse - YouTube - Hugin now with enfuse