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GitHub Pages configuration; signal processing, microscopes, STM32 and ESP32 projects

6 Feb 2023

Signal Processing


  Audio-Technica AT-LP140XP microphonics
  Altec Model 19
  Blu-Ray movies on Windows PC
  Line 6 JTV-89F guitar
  Technics SL-7 direct drive linear tracking turntable
  Thorens TD 160 MK II with SME Series III

Cameras & lenses (Canon)


MIDI wireless, including Android app - SimHub plugin

  Node.js WebSocket MIDI server

Microscopes and photomicography

  American Optical Series 10 / Series 120 / Reichert EPIStar
  Nikon Optiphot 66 / Optiphot 1 Metaphot


Sim driving

Arduino custom USB STM32 Blue Pill sketches

vJoy C# SDK

cable modem downgrade

COVID-19 plots

GitHub Pages:  Jekyll Installation How-(not)-To

Windows 8.1 with GitHub Desktop and Git for Windows
Windows 10 with GitHub Desktop
Ubuntu on Windows (WSL) (or NOT) with SmartGit and its git-bash.exe
macOS High Sierra with MacPorts and SmartGit
  Git-Cola installed from MacPorts
  macOS local gitolite server


  1. Far easier to instead install Chrome extension Markdown Viewer
  2. Unlike html pages, markdown pages (.md files) get URLs without .md
  3. If no, then Jekyll uses for landing page
    Workaround:  Create, which Jekyll will use instead
  4. Jekyll expects UTF-8 character encoding, fails for BOM (Byte Order Mark) This was especially problematic with Jekyll style gem files on WSL...
    Workaround (using vim):
   :set nobomb
  1. IPv6 tends to be problematic, requiring Windows reboots:  Disabling IPv6 on Windows 10
  2. Helpful URLs:
    GitHub Pages Documentation
    Jekyll Resources
    Jekyll Talk! forum
    Jekyll github and github-metadata

GitHub's Default welcome page - Markup tutorial
W3C Link Checker

GitHub repository for this markdown

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